It used to be that tattoos were a permanent commitment, but through advances in laser technology, it’s possible to remove unwanted tattoos with minimal to no tell-tale signs or scarring.

The Look

Tattoos use exogenous material (chromophores), which are implanted in the dermis to create a visual design. Laser tattoo removal uses a unique combination of laser wavelengths to remove all common tattoo colours, including black, dark tones, light blues, red, tans and greens so they are faded or no longer visible.

The Treatment

A series of laser pulses are used to remove tattoos. The laser energy is absorbed by the pigments in the ink, which break down into tiny particles that are then removed from the body by its own immune system. The feeling of the laser on the skin is similar to a quick snap from a rubber band on the skin – so the pain is manageable. As different colour tattoo pigments respond at different rates, denser concentrations of ink may require a greater number of treatments. Bear in mind though, that tattoos in different locations will fade/respond to treatment at different rates, and will also affect the rate at which the treated area recovers after a treatment. This, in turn, will affect the necessary time delay between treatments.

The Science

Laser tattoo removal uses powerful, very short and deeply penetrating laser light pulses that pass through the skin to break up the ink pigment into smaller particles, which the body’s defense mechanisms (white blood cells and the lymphatic system) can then remove naturally. The high-energy nanosecond pulses are efficient at targeting and removing deeper-lying pigment.

The Esq. Experience

Our team of skilled and experienced specialists at Esq. Clinic will assess tattoos prior to treatment and discuss how many treatments will be needed according to the size, location, depth and colour of the tattoo, for optimal results. Multiple sessions require three-week intervals to allow pigment residue enough time to be cleared by the body. This procedure does not require anaesthesia.

Quick Facts

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