‘Natural’ looks – they’re all the rage. But what is considered ‘natural’ these days? Contrasting ‘then’ and ‘now’, it is obvious that the definition of ‘natural’ has been inflated…along with the many sets of lips.

Balancing ‘Barbie’ and ‘basic-b*tch’

There’s been a shift away from the unnatural #extraAF looks, and the new trend is a simpler, softer aesthetic. But that doesn’t mean we aren’t working on looking good.

What’s new with naturals?

Smooth is sexy

Have you ever seen a guy from an 80’s-2000’s movie getting hair removed for anything other than a dare or bet? This is old-fashioned, and so not the case anymore. Being hairless can be a ‘natural’ look for men too. Today, it’s common for men to have laser hair removal for the legs, chest, back and between the brows so guys can feel confident in their natural state – all the time

Oompa Loompas no longer roam the world

How BAD did some tans used to be? Think back to 10-15 years ago when fake tans had us all looking like the cast of Jersey Shore. Nothing says natural like orange skin, right? Lucky for everyone, the art of fake tanning has been perfected over the years, and wearing a fake tan is not considered being ‘fake’ at all. Fake tans are the norm now, and give a healthy glow to our otherwise pasty selves. They also don’t expose us to the risk of skin cancers and ageing skin that sun exposure does.

So-long, plastics.

Remember the days where everyone with plastic surgery displayed tell-tale signs of their procedure? Once upon a time, the main use of plastic surgery was for reconstructive procedures for war injuries. As knowledge progressed, there became many subspecialties within the field, and the rich and famous were among the first to use new procedures.

Over time, plastic surgery procedures have been refined and redefined so the evidence left behind is less noticeable if there at all, and downtime from procedures has reduced. Nowadays, professional cosmetic procedures are about emphasising your current features, rather than restructuring your whole face.

Years ago, celebs would dread being asked if they had any work done, but now, we speak loudly and proudly about our fillers, anti-wrinkle and the rest. It is extremely popular today for people to want to enhance their looks with small touch-ups that go undetected by others, and there’s no shame anymore. Cheaper procedures, technical innovations, social media and reality TV shows, have all helped remove the stigma.

Love the skin you’re in.

Back in the day, ‘natural’ meant untouched. However, everyone wants to feel confident in their skin, so it’s now common to engage in skin treatments that give their skin a new life. Gone are the days where a bar of soap was enough for your face. Clinical peels can bring dull, rough skin to life, revealing a brighter, purified complexion. They are extremely popular, as they are non-invasive and painless. A day at the clinic can leave you feeling fresher than the day-spa.

Where has the need for natural beauty stemmed from?

Opinions on appearance traditionally have been influenced by celebrities, models and brands. Today, however, our modern society is more connected than ever, and everyone’s voice can be heard. People have been able to bind-together on issues they feel passionate about, like body image, and create a united voice. Gone are the days where we are told what looks sexy by the mass media. Now, we make our own definition of sexy.

This movement has resulted in the acceptance of natural beauty and the promotion of self-love and a positive body-image. It’s clear the key to naturals in 2018 is confidence, and whatever makes you feel confident with your features is what you should pursue. What YOU consider ‘natural’ is your choice. Confidence is irresistible, so make sure you own your new natural look.