Do you ever take a quick glimpse in the bathroom mirror and see those annoying little red clusters of pimples on your chin or wake up with wild hair that just doesn’t want to cooperate with you on an important day? Trust me, we get it! We all experience these feelings, from men to women.

It’s crazy to think that our physical definition of beauty has such a great impact on our overall mood and emotional balance for that day or even week. Look good, feel good, right? We’ve all heard this before, but can it work in reverse? Did you know that your mood can also affect how you look? Our emotions can impact our bodies and affect the appearance of your skin – as if having a crappy day isn’t bad enough.

“You look stressed”
The following bad news may stress you out. Thanks to cortisol, stress can be the greatest emotion to age you. Cortisol is a hormone which flows freely through your system in times of stress. Cortisol affects every organ, blood vessels become more fragile, new skin cells don’t form as quickly and cell turnover may eventually slow by half – aging the skin.

Stress can also cause acne breakouts. This is a vicious cycle – stress brings on a pimple that won’t go away, because you’re stressed out and that stresses you out. Stress can also interrupt your body’s production of new collagen, a group of supportive, structural proteins located throughout your body. Without new collagen, your skin can become thinner and weaker. What’s more, being in a bad mood can dehydrate your skin.

So many face crinkles
Anger and sadness; we love to hate them. There’s no way of escaping these feelings, we must face them head on, but the effects on our body and appearance is massive! They make your facial muscles tense up causing those dreaded deep defined frown lines. We know what you’re thinking, this just makes you want to cry! Funny we say that because crying has been proven to release the unwanted negative hormones from your body, leaving you feeling a sense of clarity and freshness in your emotions and mood. It’s hard in our world today to not feel a level of stress, anger or sadness as every micro piece of our personality and physical appearance is scrutinised or judged.

Comfort food anyone?
During moody times, you may find yourself digging through the pantry cupboard on a safari to discover those hidden chocolates, chips and even cookies. Giving in to the temptation of eating ‘comfort foods’ that are mostly bad for you can break all your great healthy habits and leave you feeling guilty. Stress may also cause you to drink less water and more alcohol which will make your body and your skin become dehydrated. Routines you took up for skin and body health may be given less attention during times of stress, sadness or anger as well.

Get your glow back
So how do you keep your skin healthy during periods of sadness, anger or stress? Firstly, stick to reasonably healthy alternatives (splurge on that chocolate bar every once and a while); incorporate more vegies, fruits and legumes into your lifestyle. They will brighten, tighten and present a summer kissed glow. Secondly, Vitamin D; we tend to spend a lot of our time indoors, though the more vitamin D your body receives the greater benefits it has on your skin and mood. Lastly, sweat out those awful toxins from the body – hit the gym a couple of days a week, your body will thank you tenfold! It can be as simple as a Yoga session to a high intense F45 style training session. If you need more help, there are a whole heap of clinical peels, acne treatments, skin tightening, skin needling and cosmetic injectables that can kick-start the look good feel good cycle.

Ultimately, we cannot control how we feel but we can control what we do. We can all take steps to make ourselves feel better inside and out. Beauty is defined through how we feel and our emotional balance. If you want some help in feeling more comfortable in your own skin, contact Esq. Clinic to learn more about out cosmetic treatments and products, designed to help you vibe your look all day, every day. Now that’s a mood we all need in our lives!