For those who fancy a party with an aesthetic difference, the popularity of Botox parties is at an all time high, leaving some medical professionals a little concerned. People of all walks of life; from accountants to pilots and lawyers to teachers, are looking to cheaper and convenient ways of receiving a Botox fix. Picture a Tupperware party where people eat, drink and socialise whilst bonding over products. A Botox party is quite similar, however, guests leave with a transformed physical appearance rather than food containers. Guests are joined by nurses at these parties to inject Botox with Dutch courage setting in as the night progresses.

Botox parties originated in the United States and have been swiftly picked up by Australians looking for a cheaper Botox option. Participants may be swayed towards Botox parties due to its lower price point, the relaxed social environment it takes place in and even due to the influence of friends.

The concept of a Botox party seems harmless particularly as there’s nurses involved. However, there are stark differences between receiving a Botox injection at a party and from a certified practitioner in a clinic.

All but Sanitary

Medical professionals have been quick to raise the alarm on Botox parties. This is mainly due to the unhygienic environment parties are being held in. Any medical procedure needs to take place in a sterile environment meaning a friend’s living room is definitely not suitable. The risk of catching diseases or illnesses, through a used needle for example, increases in unsuitable environments.

The Botched Reality

The risks that come with Botox parties are extremely high. Nurses who attend are generally not board-certified surgeons meaning the procedure may not go as planned. There have been a number of patients with cases of the dreaded ‘plastic surgery nightmare’ originating from Botox parties. Not only is there a risk of uncertified nurses admitting injections, but the medication itself may come from dubious online sources which may simply contain salt water rather than a genuine product.

Drunken Regret

The popularity of Botox parties ultimately comes down to the social and ‘relaxed’ environment they take place in. While this may be fun for guests, the influence of alcohol can lead to peer pressure. The inability to make informed decisions or signing a waiver (which is done at a medical practice) is a risk in itself. Guests of a Botox party face a dreaded physical hangover the morning after.


Get it done professionally

When considering Botox, visiting a certified practitioner is the way to go. The clinic environment ensures a safe and sanitary procedure. Botox treatment undertaken by a professional reduces the risk of a ‘botched’ experience significantly, meaning patients can be assured of a positive experience.

Don’t flirt with the dangers of a Botox party. All practitioners of Esq. Clinic are board-certified, ensuring you the best results.