Body hair is not a necessary evil – removing unwanted hair on your legs, chest, back, between your brows or in most other areas is completely safe. Laser hair removal provides a semi-permanent to permanent solution for men who prefer a hair-free look.

The Look

For a smooth, hairless appearance, laser hair removal offers impressive results. While the success of hair reduction can depend on a patient’s skin and hair type, typically a significant reduction in unwanted hair can be expected, and any future hair growth is often thinner, lighter and less visible.

The Treatment

At Esq. Clinic, the technology used in our laser hair removal treatments are safe for all skin types. The treatment uses high peak-power laser pulses, which can quickly and efficiently cover large areas. Depending on the size of the treatment area, between three to five sessions, six to eight weeks apart is recommended for optimal results.

Many individual factors can influence the result of laser hair removal. Hair grows in three different cycles, and it’s only when the hair follicle is in the Anagen (growing) cycle that it can be destroyed. The duration of the hair cycle and the percentage of hair in the Anagen phase is different for all areas of the body, and will impact how much hair can be permanently removed per treatment. The depth of the follicle varies throughout the body, and age, ethnicity, metabolism, medications, and changes in hormones affect the location, resilience, and thickness of hair, too.

The Science

The laser hair removal technology utilizes extremely short yet high peak-power density pulses to produce a three-dimensional fractional pattern in the epidermis and dermis. The procedure targets hair follicles with a combination of selective and homogeneous photothermolysis to heat the tissue and destroy it, without affecting or damaging the surrounding tissue.

The Esq. Experience

One month prior to treatment, you must avoid sun exposure, tanning beds, spray tans and self-tanning lotions, and refrain from waxing or plucking (excluding shaving or depilatory creams). At least two weeks prior you should commence our recommended skincare program. Post-treatment, one of our expert Esq. Clinic specialists will advise the correct skincare products to use on the treated area(s) – as well as a sunscreen of SPF30+ daily.

While our team is highly skilled, there are some potential complications and side effects involved with laser hair removal. These include possible blistering, redness, hyperpigmentation, pimples and swelling. Our Esq. Clinic staff will discuss all potential risks with you prior to treatment.

Quick Facts

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