Our hair is front row and centre every day, and a thick, full head of hair inspires confidence. Unfortunately, thinning hair and balding is a common concern for men. Our clinical hair regrowth treatment is the ideal solution for hair that is showing signs of thinning and fallout.

The Look

A full head of hair not only lifts confidence and self-esteem, but it gives you the freedom to customise your look with new hairstyles, haircuts and colours. Our hair regrowth treatment allows you to get your own hair back to where you want it to be.

The Treatment

The process of regrowing hair involves applying a growth factor serum that we refine from a Factor4, a low-level healing laser in conjunction with prescription-strength minoxidil, supplements and vitamins to encourage maximum growth. After each session, you will not be able to wash the treated area for 12 hours, and it is advised to bring along a clean hat to wear home post-treatment. After a minimum of six treatments, hair will grow back thicker and fuller, the condition of your scalp will be improved and your rate of hair loss will be slowed.

The Science

Our factor 4 hair regrowth treatment is 100 per cent natural, stimulating the body’s own cells to improve hair growth and hair health. The process is minimally invasive and completely autologous. It involves taking a sample of your own blood to extract a serum containing the active products from blood cells. This highly concentrated and super-rich serum contains four times more growth factors than normal PRP treatments and is harvested from your own blood supply to limit infection and the treatment from being rejected by your body. The serum is then applied to areas of the scalp that are experiencing hair loss to help promote regeneration and stimulate damaged and dormant hair follicles to grow.

Quick Facts

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