At Esq. we are committed to helping men enhance their natural features and rejuvinate their skin. We offer a variety of top of the range professional skin and cosmetic services to allow you to be the best version of you.

However, we love the ladies too! We welcome all women through our doors and invite them to experience all that Esq. has to offer.

We specialize in skin and cosmetic enhancements, and with our highly qualified and reputable team of doctors and dermal therapists, we are confident you will leave with your best face forward.

For our female clientele, popular procedures include laser hair removal, cosmetic injections, Mderma Skin Needling, Smooth Eye treatment and clinical peels. With our top of the range Fotona lasers, our laser treatments are quick, effective, and safe.

For our Smooth Eye treatment, the Fotona lasers specifically target those tired and aged looking eyes. With 4 quick treatments, the Esq. Smooth Eye treatment can drastically reduce the signs of ageing and freshen up your look.



Our Cosmetic Physician, Dr Kristen Johanssen, is highly trained and knows the female facial aesthetics like no other.  Dr Kristen will be able to provide you with a subtle enhancement, with minimal (if any) downtime. She is the Master of Lips and has performed many lip rehab procedures throughout her career.

Esq. also offers Skin Needling. This is a proven treatment to reduce fine lines and wrinkles by increasing collagen production. . The beauty of needling is that not only will you see results during the treatment, but in the weeks to come as well!

The Australian sun is harsh and can take its toll on our skin. Clinical peels are a great way to reduce the signs of ageing from sun damage and other harmful elements in our unique environment. These are also great for evening skin tone and reducing your pigmentation. Our clients love the fresh look and feel you can get immediately after a peel!

So ladies, why not have a look at all the treatments that we can offer you? Visit Esq. for your free consultation and advanced skin analysis.