Nobody wants a double chin, but unfortunately, it’s an area that you can’t simply target with an exercise session. Our double chin reduction treatment is a clinically proven cosmetic injectable process that helps redefine the jawline and dissolve fat under the chin, without the need for surgery or a lengthy downtime.

The Look

A strong jawline can give your appearance a powerful and masculine look. Our Double Chin Reduction Treatment can shape your jawline so it is strong, contoured and more defined, and reduce the appearance of a double chin permanently. Results are commonly visible after even one or two treatments.

The Treatment

The clinical treatment requires no downtime, and the procedure involves no anaesthesia, incisions or surgery. Your treatment is administered by our team of highly skilled and specialised doctors who use ultra-fine needles under the chin to improve its appearance. You may experience a minimal amount of swelling or bruising in the area for three to 10 days following your session.

The Science

A double chin, which is also referred to as submental fullness, is caused by a variety of factors – and surprisingly weight gain may not be the culprit. Ageing, hormones and genetics are also common causes, making a double chin difficult to prevent, or control despite our best efforts.
The treatment uses a synthetic replica of an acid that your body naturally produces to break down fat in the digestive system. The synthetic ingredient is administered to the chin to destroy the fat cell membranes leading to destruction of the fat cells. Once broken down, the fat cells can no longer accumulate or store fat, which means the results of the double chin reduction is permanent.

The Esq. Experience

At Esq. Clinic, we tailor each treatment to your specific needs, as no two faces are the same. Our expert team of highly skilled doctors and specialists assess your suitability for the treatment and examine for other potential causes for the double chin, such as an enlarged submandibular gland and thyroid. Photographs are taken to record the results.

Quick Facts

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