That hairy monster… eek.

Guest blogger: Mellissah Smith

I remember 5 years ago dating a man who was in his 50’s, and after getting past the initial ‘looks’ thing, I began to find him attractive… until… he was naked.

Then shock, horror… my hands touched his bare back and became instantly tangled in his long, curly back hair. It was one of those eek moments that I can’t seem to take out of my mind. My stomach turned. Has this man ever heard of hair removal? […]

Which therapy, which treatment? A world of choices.

As with most things in life, there are a myriad of options available to you on how to help counteract, halt and in some instances even reverse the changes that your skin undergoes, to keep it looking and feeling great.

In general, these can be divided into surgical and non-surgical treatments.

Surgical treatments, the ‘big guns’ so to speak, involve invasive surgery and downtime, as well as the obvious risks and complications associated with any surgical procedure; and the consequence of cutting the […]

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus; and so is their skin – Part 2

In the first in our series, we looked at some of the differences between men’s and women’s skin. Now we are going to look at some of the main factors which damage and age men’s skin, the majority of which can if managed appropriately, led to an overall improvement in, and maintenance of,  healthier skin. We’ve all been there. We meet up with someone we haven’t seen for a while, and looking at them we think – “Wow! They look […]

Gobble, Gobble Gone!

 The new solution to the double chin has arrived in Melbourne.

How many times have we all taken and retaken the ‘selfie’, trying to get that perfect photo without the double chin or ‘turkey neck’ being obvious?

The chin is an area that almost everyone has concerns about at some stage. The reason we probably don’t like it is because it’s such a visible sign of ageing.

Throughout the ages people have been trying to disguise this area with high collars, cravats, chokers […]

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