Why you should stay clear of cosmetic clinics skyping doctors

Today, Australians are spending $300 million annually on cosmetic injections with about 1.5 million jabs of anti-wrinkle injectable and fillers being administered each year. Thanks to celebrity endorsements, cosmetic treatments, both surgical and non-surgical are growing in popularity and demand.

However, popularity has its drawbacks, as people try and take advantage of the high demand by delivering low quality services and products, as providers cut corners to increase profits.

There is now a growing market for ‘Skype consultations’ which are putting people […]

10 ways you can love your skin this winter

Winter is not your skin’s friend. In fact, it’s pretty much public enemy number one. Why? Winter presents a unique set of challenges for skin care. Cold, dry air and constantly running heaters leave your skin stripped of moisture. Below, we describe 10 essential tips you can take right now to ensure your skin makes it through the cold season.

Tip #1: Exfoliate

Exfoliation is essential to scrape off dead skin cells and other particles hanging around on the surface of the […]

Is your tattoo ruining the progression of your career?

Did you get a tattoo that you completely regret? Perhaps it is one with an ex-partner’s name, one with incorrect spelling, or even one that was a drunken mistake.

No matter if it was funny or heartfelt, if you regret it now then you’ll know that your tattoo could now be negatively affecting your career.

Research has found that 77% of employers will be less likely to hire someone with tattoos, whether that is 100 tattoos or 1 tattoo. However, a portion […]

What happens to your skin after a night out?

In this day and age, the usual weekend festivities involve drinking, partying and soaking in that hot Australian sun, especially over the weekend. Whether you’re at the beach taking in the UV’s or enjoying Melbourne’s eventful Chapel Street bars, are you really taking into consideration the way you’re affecting your skin?

On a quest for perfect skin, we stock up on endless amounts of creams, masks and serums, that leaves your bank account calling out for help. But really, there’s a […]

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