Why the world is obsessing over Lush Lips

From thousands of YouTube makeup tutorials on how to get incredibly full lips, to every media outlet in the world reporting on Kylie Jenner’s lip fillers, it seems that everyone is going crazy over lush, large lips.

Despite the ever-changing beauty standards, the love of having sexy, full lips has stood the test of time. The difference today from decades ago, is how easy and low-risk it is to achieve a full lip. Over the past few years, lip enlargement has […]

Mood vs Beauty – How do your emotions affect your look?

Do you ever take a quick glimpse in the bathroom mirror and see those annoying little red clusters of pimples on your chin or wake up with wild hair that just doesn’t want to cooperate with you on an important day? Trust me, we get it! We all experience these feelings, from men to women.

It’s crazy to think that our physical definition of beauty has such a great impact on our overall mood and emotional balance for that day or […]

Natural Beauty: Then and Now

‘Natural’ looks – they’re all the rage. But what is considered ‘natural’ these days? Contrasting ‘then’ and ‘now’, it is obvious that the definition of ‘natural’ has been inflated…along with the many sets of lips.

Balancing ‘Barbie’ and ‘basic-b*tch’

There’s been a shift away from the unnatural #extraAF looks, and the new trend is a simpler, softer aesthetic. But that doesn’t mean we aren’t working on looking good.

What’s new with naturals?

Smooth is sexy

Have you ever seen a guy […]

Life of the Botox Party

For those who fancy a party with an aesthetic difference, the popularity of Botox parties is at an all time high, leaving some medical professionals a little concerned. People of all walks of life; from accountants to pilots and lawyers to teachers, are looking to cheaper and convenient ways of receiving a Botox fix. Picture a Tupperware party where people eat, drink and socialise whilst bonding over products. A Botox party is quite similar, however, guests leave with a transformed […]

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