Skincare myths busted

Is men’s skin the same as women’s? Should I use moisturiser every day? What on earth is ‘needling’ and why should I do it? You may have heard some extreme things about skin care over the years, and wondered to yourself whether they were really true or not. TV, blogs and magazines often tell us conflicting or confusing advice and it can be difficult to sift through all the information thrown at you. Today we are going through the most […]

Guys, it’s ok to care about your looks.

When you think of someone who ‘cares about their looks’, you’d generally think of a woman, any woman. And you wouldn’t be wrong. But, in reality, men care deeply, too.

Men are exposed to media in the same way as women, they see the photos of Chris Hemsworth, on the beach with his Thor-worthy body. Men have people critiquing their looks, men see people staring at them and judging, just the same as women.

So why aren’t we talking […]

The modern man is kind of sexy

Guest blogger: Mellissah Smith

Many years ago, I remember dating this super hot guy who waxed his entire body.

In the 90’s this was unusual to see, but he was an athlete and it was part of his career. When sitting around in a group discussing ‘hot’ boyfriends with my crew, someone exclaimed “he’s gay!” because he had removed all the hair from his body.

Fast forward 20 years, and I must say that any guy that removes all the hair from his […]

That hairy monster… eek.

Guest blogger: Mellissah Smith

I remember 5 years ago dating a man who was in his 50’s, and after getting past the initial ‘looks’ thing, I began to find him attractive… until… he was naked.

Then shock, horror… my hands touched his bare back and became instantly tangled in his long, curly back hair. It was one of those eek moments that I can’t seem to take out of my mind. My stomach turned. Has this man ever heard of hair removal? […]

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